Black Moon


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Black Moon Shirt What does the black crescent moon mean? The black crescent moon is a symbol of love, romance and passion. It also represents good luck in your life. If you are single or have recently broken up with someone then this may be an omen that things will work out for you soon. You can use it as a talisman to attract new relationships into your life. The black crescent moon means: You need to take time off from being too busy working on yourself so you can find true happiness. If you feel like there's something missing in your relationship, try talking about what you want more than anything else. It could be because you're not giving enough attention to others around you. Your partner might just be looking for some space right now. A black crescent moon is often seen when people are feeling lonely and sad. This is usually due to them having been hurt by another person before they were ready to let go. They've had their heart ripped apart but don't know how to put themselves back together again. A black crescent moon is sometimes used as a sign of mourning. When you see a black crescent moon, think about all the times you felt alone and unloved. Now look at where those feelings came from. What did you do wrong? How can you make amends? Do you still deserve forgiveness? These questions should help you understand why you feel the way you do. Once you figure out what went wrong, you'll be able to move forward.